Friday, February 27, 2009

Goodbye ami.Quelle

Hi everyone!
I've finally decided that I won't be able to update ami.Quelle (this second blog of mine) like I used to anymore. I suppose the fire for it has burnt out. I'm sorry.

Many people also seem to misunderstand my purpose in starting this blog too, where they mistook the works I posted as mine.

No worries though, if you still wanted to see the posts of ami.Quelle that was here, because I've imported all the posts from this blog into my main blog:
My @Ventures.

I also want to thank you everyone who have visited this blog in the past. I really appreciate all the lovin you've given me.


This blog is intended to be the source of Amigurumi, from tutorials, free patterns to inspirations. Everything that I compiled from the world wide web. I sincerely hope you will find what you need here, and if you find any mistakes or broken links, please do inform me. And if you have any questions, I'll definitely try my best to answer them.

I also would like to thank all the great inspiring crocheters out there who gave me permission to post their pictures and /or patterns here.

Thank you!!!


I assume that the pictures and free patterns that the owners posted in the internet are meant for public viewing, hence if there are anyone who feels their ©copyright has been violated or want to object to my posting it in my blog, please do inform me.

Thank you.